Benefits Plan Enhancement

Plan Enhancements:
As of January 1st 2016, we will have two Plan Enhancements. First, we will be adding Great West Life’s standard coverage for vaccines (Hepatitis A & B, influenza, meningitis, chicken pox/shingles, and human papilloma virus-HPV) with a lifetime maximum of $500 per person. Secondly, we will be adding coverage for TENS machine under medical supplies (1 TENS every 5 years with a maximum reasonable and customary of $500 plus a lifetime maximum of $700). You have to be treated for a chronic condition to be eligible for a TENS machine.

Members’ Concerns: Concerns were addressed and dealt with by the Trustees and Mercer Rep.

• Request to add Zostavax2: This Fall there has been numerous request for the addition of the vaccination for Shingles to our plan. After research and discussion by Trustees and Reps the decision was made to add it to the plan.

• Optional life insurance: Once you turn 50 years of age you should see an increase in premiums. You will receive a letter indicating this increase.

• Dental: Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is covered under our plan.

• Registered Dieticians: Discussion was had if this should be added to the list of paramedical. It was felt that with dieticians at most Sobeys, Superstore and Hospitals that was not necessary to add it to our plan at this time.
• LTD: There have been a few members inquiring about LTD. Either they are on it or trying to receive it. It is very important that you communicate with your Employer, Union and Johnson Insurance when out on LTD, considering LTD or in the process of receiving LTD.

If you are out on any extended sick leave then please contact your Employer, so you do not miss deadlines for filing for LTD and find yourself without an income. Even if you don’t think LTD is an option, please inquire and get directions as to your next step.

In the New Year, our website: will have the step by step process on ‘How to apply for long-term disability benefits.’ If you have questions or concerns then please ask, you have many different avenues available to you to find answers. If you do not understand something then ask your union Benefits’ Trustee to help you.